StormWatch+ for the mobile apps gets an upgrade

MWN for iPhone users: Last night (July 11), we submitted a fantastic mobile update to Apple for the app. We’re proud to announce that StormWatch+ is getting a makeover! (Learn more about StormWatch+ here). While many of you have had great things to say about the app and the push notification-based alerting system we call StormWatch+ (and we appreciate those), the technology was due for an update.  After working through several bugs over the past few months, as well as devising new features to make your experience with StormWatch+ even better, we are ready to roll out the next iteration of  “personalized weather alerts in the palm of your hand!”

What’s New?

  • StormWatch+ will now be a one-time charge instead of a subscription service (don’t worry if you previously purchased a subscription – you will NOT be required to re-subscribe after your year is up!)
  • Additional location option, bringing the total to 3 user-selectable locations
  • User-selectable alert types to receive push notifications for (i.e., you can be alerted for only Tornado Warnings if you wish)
  • Turn off push notifications for individual locations without deleting the location
  • “Wake-me-up” style audio alerts only for Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings (all other alert types will use your device notification sound that you have set)
  • Better handling of “continued” and “expiring” alerts – no more multiple listings for the same alert on your Active Alerts tab
  • Fixed an issue in which a badge appeared on the app icon without prompting a notification sound when an alert is issued
  • General bug fixes and many performance updates

This update will be available as soon as Apple approves it (typically 7-10 days).  We’ll also be working on a general interface refresh and new features as part of the base MWN app in the very near future with expected release this fall.

MWN for Android users: We’ll being working on these updates for the Android app imminently as well.  We expect this release by the end of July, followed by the general design refresh and new features for the base app just as we do with the iPhone app.  We’re not ignoring you all!


Finally, to celebrate the launch of the updated StormWatch+, we’re putting the current version of StormWatch+ for both iPhone and Android devices ON SALE!  Until tomorrow night, Friday, July 13, you can get StormWatch+ for just $3.99. Once the new app comes out, just update to the new version and you’ll still get all the new features for a one-time charge of $3.99!  (Once the new version of StormWatch+ rolls out, our prices WILL go up slightly, so purchase now to lock in the sale price!)

To download the MWN app for your iPhone, click here. You’ll then want to purchase StormWatch+ for $3.99 within the app itself.

To download the MWN app for Android, click here. You can purchase StormWatch+ for $3.99 within the app.

Visit on the web or on your mobile phone.
Download our iPhone or Android apps,  now with StormWatch+!
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