Thanksgiving and Black Friday weather update

It’s not unusual to see major weather systems affect some portion of the country during Thanksgiving week, creating travel nightmares.  However, recent tranquil weather appears to continue it’s grip on most parts of the nation, save the Pacific Northwest.  In fact, not only will there not be much precipitation to contend with for the turkey holiday, temperatures for much of the eastern and southern portions of the country will be mild to downright warm.  The graphics below from the GFS computer model show the precip and temperature forecasts for the holiday. Click a graphic for a larger image.

Precip forecast for Wednesday evening. Outside of the Pacific Northwest, the nation will see dry weather and excellent travel conditions.

Precip forecast for Thanksgiving evening. A cold front moving across the nation’s mid-section will bring showers to the Midwest and Mid-Mississippi Valley.

Precip forecast for Black Friday early morning. The cold front and it’s showers will move into the  Lower Ohio Valley and Mid-South, while showers continue over the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes.

Mild conditions are expected Wednesday afternoon nearly everywhere east of the Rockies except for the interior Northeast.

Mild conditions continue on Thanksgiving for the southern U.S. into the Midwest and Ohio Valley while cooler weather drops into the Northern Plains from Canada behind a cold front.

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