Update on Friday’s snow threat – the news isn’t good

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A more recent update to expected conditions can be found here.

Original post: 11:20am Thursday

After raising the flag yesterday on the possibility of a rain/snow mix Friday, unfortunately it appears we’re going to have to lower it to half mast, in remembrance of years gone by when, according to all of you, big snow happened multiple times every year.

While I’m not ruling out ALL snow tomorrow, the latest data has trended a tad warmer during the day. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, a couple degrees either way could make a big difference. In this case, the couple degrees was on the warm end, starting with morning lows closer to 37-38 rather than 35. Though temps won’t rise more than a couple of degrees Friday with rain falling, there is a big difference between 40 and 36 when it comes to snow. So go ahead… I know you want to…


If you’re still reading, it’s probably because I said “not ruling out ALL snow.” Colder air does move in after dark Friday and some lingering precip could still be around. Therefore, I’ve kept a slight chance of light snow in the evening forecast. Don’t get your hopes up and don’t change plans. Roads will be fine due to previous warmth. Just look forward to another decent weekend with highs back to 50+. The solace comes in the fact that our “biggest snows” – by official records, not people’s selective memories – tend to come in the last half of winter and very early spring. Winter’s not over!

Erik Proseus
MWN Meteorologist

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