Rain chances return just in time for the weekend

Happy Friday, and happy August! Current outlooks for this upcoming week have most of the Mid-South below average in terms of humidity along with heat indices, but rain chances will return once a front begins to push north up towards metro this weekend. No washouts expected, but some areas may see more rain than others. We are now getting closer and closer to the kiddos getting back to school, so it’s time to make the most of these last few weekends of summer!


Still sticking to that average summer weather to begin your weekend, with partly cloudy skies and highs near 90. Dewpoints are luckily staying in the mid 60’s, so it’s still feeling a little humid out but not nearly as muggy as it was a couple of weeks ago. Northerly winds at 10 mph help to relieve that sticky feeling.
Friday morning satellite imagery shows cloudiness and rain to our west and southeast, but a sunny sky over the Mid-South.


Overnight clouds will begin to clear out, bringing us clear skies and just a sliver of moonlight to light up outside. Lows in the lower 70’s, but some rural areas could possibly enter into the upper 60’s. NE winds at 4 mph.  


Saturday is when the rain and thunderstorms return, with a front previously in Mississippi now beginning to push North. Partly sunny skies for most of the day however, and keeping those rain chances at only a 30%. Still staying warm with highs in the upper 80’s. Northerly winds at 7 mph. Overnight those clouds stick around, along with some of those rain chances. Lows in the lower 70’s, with still a consistent 30% chance of showers. 
The European model showing precipitation chances for the Mid-South Saturday morning until Monday evening with chances peaking during afternoon heating this weekend. (WxBell)


Sunday is looking to be the wettest day in this week’s forecast, with a 40% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. The front that pushed north will hang out in the Mid-South and apparently just wanted to enjoy the weekend here! On the bright side, increased rain chances will also bring some slightly cooler weather with it with highs Sunday afternoon only warming into the mid 80’s. Rain chances linger into overnight and lows will drop into the lower 70’s. 


The NAM model showing possible rainfall amounts for the whole U.S. through this weekend. The Memphis metro could see 1/4-1/2″ of rain, but some areas could see none, while others get more under a thunderstorm. (PivotalWeather)

The beginning of your work week will remain warm warm with highs near 90 and partly cloudy skies. After increased weekend humidity, it will be a bit more pleasant with the dewpoints in the mid 60’s. An isolated shower is possible, but a high pressure system is welcomed back into the Mid-South, suppressing rain chances from the weekend. Lows drop down near 70 overnight with clearing skies.


Aaaand just like that we are back to the same weather as today. Partly cloudy skies, a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms, highs in the lower 90’s, and lows in the lower 70’s. This is all beginning to sound very familiar! It won’t stay that way for long though because the high pressure system suppressing rain chances will weaken a bit, allowing another cold front to approach the area by mid-week. 

August Outlook

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center released their August outlook for the U.S. this past week. It’s looking like the Mid-South will be near average for late-summer in both the temperature and precipitation categories.

The Climate Prediction Center’s August precipitation outlook indicates no clear signal for above or below precipitation in the Mid-South. (NOAA/CPC)
The Climate Prediction Center’s August temperature outlook also indicates no clear signal for above or below temperatures in the Mid-South. (NOAA/CPC)

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