Beautiful weekend, but eyes on Beryl

152327 5day Cone No Line And Wind

[ EDITED 4:00pm Saturday to update the NHC Beryl forecast track and tweak timing for local impacts ]

We had a fairly miserable week as far as summer weather is concerned, particularly Tuesday through the July 4th holiday, as heat indices soared to 110°-plus, with temperatures in the upper half of the 90s. Storms early Friday along a cold front provided some relief from the heat, but some mugginess was still noted. This weekend, we finally get a break from the humidity as well, and even a bit from the heat!


Some lingering cloud cover today has kept temps below 90 degrees with dewpoints in the 60s. A fresh north breeze adds to a nearly ideal summer day and will make for a very pleasant evening as temps drop into the 70s. Sunday will see a bit more sunshine and wind shifting to the southeast, so a warm-up is coming. But even with highs in the lower 90s, humidity won’t be too bad; heat indices will remain below 100°.

Us Dewp
Dewpoints across the country early Saturday afternoon. Mid to upper 60s locally are a reprieve from the mid to upper 70s of the past few days!
The ghost of Beryl brings a muggier/wetter few days

As we head into the new week, southerly flow will result in more humid air as dewpoints climb back into the clothes-drenching mid 70s. Temperatures will also be in the low 90s on Monday, which should trigger some afternoon thunderstorms across the area as what is likely to be Hurricane Beryl makes landfall in southeast Texas and starts a turn to the north.

152327 5day Cone No Line And Wind 1
The 4pm CDT Saturday forecast track for Tropical Storm (soon to be Hurricane-again) Beryl.

Beryl’s remnants will move through eastern Texas Monday into Tuesday. As mid and upper level wind feeds moisture into our area from the southwest (where Beryl will be), tropical moisture at all levels will crank up Tuesday and rain will become more likely ahead of the degenerating tropical system, Current forecast data from the National Hurricane Center indicates that the Beryl will be a tropical depression as it enters southwest AR Tuesday evening and moves northeast across the state and into the Mid-South Wednesday into Wednesday night as a ghost of its former self. Whatever the eventual path, there will likely be areas of heavy rain that occur, more likely to our west, but a couple of inches of rain are certainly conceivable locally. The cloud cover and higher rain chances should also serve to keep temps in check too, so look for mid 80s for highs as long as those factors remain in the area.

Wpc Arkansas Total Precip Inch 0742400
NWS Weather Prediction Center forecast rainfall through Thursday evening clearly shows the forecast path of Beryl. It’s ultimate track will dictate the path of heaviest rainfall.

Most rainfall that Beryl’s remnants would generate will fall ahead of the low pressure system, so by Thursday (if forecasts hold), the wet pattern should be subsiding. It remains to be seen whether the Beryl-low passing by will drag a cold front through that will drop dewpoints and give us a reprieve from “air we can wear,” or if it will leave tropical moisture in its wake, bringing more sweaty weather to end the week. Stay tuned!


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Dianne Larson
Dianne Larson
13 days ago

thanks for the update