June 2024 Climate Report for Memphis, TN

Hrap All Memphis 30day Anom 9835200


Another month of above average temperatures occurred in June, though not as warm relative to average as February through May. The average temperature of 80.6° was 0.7° above normal, driven more by warmer than average overnight lows (1.0° above average) than daytime highs. As you can see from the map below, above average temperatures in Memphis were not an anomaly, as much of the nation experienced similar conditions.

Prism Conus Tavg Anom Jun2024
Departure from normal temperatures for June for the Lower 48 states

As expected, hottest temperatures (in both real numbers, apparent temperatures, and departure from normal) occurred in the last third of June, as 10 of the last 11 days of the month were above 90° for highs and overnight lows were consistently in the 70s due to elevated dewpoints that contributed to high daytime heat indices. It was also a very dry period with only one day seeing rain fall, that being from a cold front that brought a couple of days of heat relief. Overall, the number of 90 degree days was right at average for June and Memphis International Airport did not reach 100° during the month.


While May was a very wet month, with rain recorded (on average) every other day, June was far drier. In fact, by the beginning of July, D0 (abnormally dry) conditions encompassed the entire 8-county metro due to lack of consistent rainfall. Shown below is the departure from normal rainfall for the Mid-South for June. North Mississippi had a particularly parge deficit, but the metro was also 2-3″ short of normal, recording under 3″ for the month. Also noteworthy, 93% of the rain recorded at Memphis International fell on just three days in June – the 1st, 17th, and 26th.

Hrap All Memphis 30day Anom 9835200
Departure from normal precipitation (inches) for June 2024

Over half of the month’s total (1.44″ out of 2.71″ for the month) fell from a slow-moving thunderstorms on the afternoon of the 17th. There was only one Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for the metro in June, for Tipton County in the early morning hours on the 9th as a weakening line of storms moved through the northern metro.

Memphis International Airport, Memphis, TN


Average temperature: 80.6 degrees (0.7 degrees above average)
Average high temperature: 89.8 degrees (0.4 degrees above average) 
Average low temperature: 70.4 degrees (1.0 degrees above average) 
Warmest temperature: 98 degrees (24th) 
Coolest temperature: 62 degrees (10th)
Heating Degrees Days: 0
Cooling Degree Days: 476 (29 above average) 
Records set or tied: Record high minimums tied (73 degrees on the 7th, 74 degrees on the 8th)
Comments:  16 days reached 90 degrees (0.5 above average)


Monthly total: 2.71″ (1.28″ below average)
Days with measurable precipitation: 7 (1.9 days below average) 
Wettest 24-hour period: 1.44″ (17th) 
Snowfall: None
Records set or tied: None
Comments: None


Peak wind: South/42 mph (3rd)
Average wind: 6.8 mph 
Average relative humidity: 66%
Average sky cover: 51%

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MemphisWeather.net Headquarters, Bartlett, TN


Average temperature: 79.9 degrees
Average high temperature: 91.3 degrees
Average low temperature: 69.3 degrees
Warmest temperature: 100.6 degrees (25th) 
Coolest temperature: 58.0 degrees (12th)
Comments:  None.


Monthly total: 2.34″ (automated rain gauge), 2.33″ (CoCoRaHS rain gauge) 
Days with measurable precipitation: 8
Wettest date: 1.06″ (17th) (via automated gauge) 
Snowfall: None
Comments: None


Peak wind: Southwest/26 mph (4th)
Average relative humidity: 73% 
Average barometric pressure: 29.94 in.
Comments: None

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MWN Forecast Accuracy

Average temperature error: 1.63 degrees
Forecast temperatures within 2 degrees of actual: 82%
Average dewpoint error: 1.89 degrees
Forecast dewpoints within 2 degrees of actual: 71%

MWN’s forecasts extend out five periods (2.5 days, or roughly 60 hours). Historical accuracy statistics can be found here.

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