MWN Service Area

Lead Technologies Inc. V1.01 serves the entire Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), as defined by the federal government. Some products such as the MWN Forecast are still Memphis-centric. However, variations in suburbs and outlying areas (within the service area) will be highlighted as needed. Social media posts will cover the entire MWN Service Area, with the greatest focus on the areas with highest population density.

Fast Facts about the MWN Service Area:

– Total Counties Served: 8

– Total Land Area: 4,572 sq. miles

– Total Population (2020 Census): 1,337,779

– Population by County:

Shelby, TN: 929,744

DeSoto, MS: 185,314

Tipton, TN: 60,970

Crittenden, AR: 48,163

Fayette, TN: 41,990

Marshall, MS: 33,752

Tate, MS: 28,064

Tunica, MS: 9,782

– All counties served by the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Memphis, TN