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SW+ Alerts is a personalized service that sends alerts to smartphone users whenever severe weather threatens their specific location. Combining storm-based warnings issued by the National Weather Service (referred to as polygons) and a user's precise location, alerts are sent only if the user's registered location(s) is directly threatened.

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Why SW+ Alerts?

In 2007, the National Weather Service began issuing Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm, and Flash Flood Warnings as polygons (see images to the right), alerting only the areas in the path of the storm, rather than entire counties. However, for various reasons, and in almost all cases, outdoor warning sirens still sound over the entire county even if the storm is affecting only a small portion of that county. This can create an overwarned public and increases the perceived warning false alarm rate, thereby reducing the siren's effectiveness and, consequently, the public's response. In addition, NOAA Weather Radios also alert on a COUNTY basis and are therefore not as precise as the warnings they are alerting on.

At a "Weather-Ready Nation" conference in Oklahoma City, panelists stated that cell phones and geotargeted alert information are the most important warning dissemination technology available. In addition, a finding of the NWS Service Assessment of the Joplin, MO Tornado indicated that "many current warning dissemination systems are not fully compatible with specific warning information provided by storm-based, warning polygons." Officials at the highest level are giving credence to the use of geo-targeted alerts and warning systems that can provide very specific information.

What is SW+ Alerts?

SW+ Alerts keeps you from becoming "siren-weary" and "overwarned" by only alerting you if you are directly in the path of the storm. If sirens or your NOAA Weather Radio sound an alarm, but a SW+ Alert is not received, you are NOT in the NWS-warned area. For less than the cost of a meal at your local fast casual restaurant, you can have peace of mind in the path of the storm!


  • Push notifications and audio alerts in the event of any of the following:
    • Tornado Watches and Warnings
    • Severe Thunderstorm Watches and Warnings
    • Flash Flood Watches and Warnings
    • Winter Weather Watches, Warnings, and Advisories
    • Tropical Watches, Warnings, and Advisories
    • Users may select alert types they wish to receive
  • Notifications sent even if app is not running and device is not in use
  • Push notification accompanied by audio alerts that will wake you up (Tornado & Severe Thunderstorm Warnings)
  • Auto-updating list of active alerts, which "roll off" when expired or canceled
  • Register up to three locations anywhere in the United States, which can be changed at any time and can be set using:
    • Current GPS location
    • City, ST
    • Postal address
    • Zip code
  • Activate EnRoute, which uses your device's location services and/or GPS to actively monitor your location for severe weather
  • Access to full warning text of the alert
  • Map showing warning area and your location
  • Quiet time, to temporarily stop alerts during a specified time of day
  • Status button to disable notifications (i.e., vacation stop)
  • Regional map showing all active Mid-South alerts
  • Free re-install if the app is deleted
  • Multiple device installations if under the same iTunes/Play Store account


  • Reduce confusion associated with:
    • Multiple warnings for your area
    • Sirens that activate for entire counties
    • NOAA Weather Radio that alerts county-wide
  • Eliminate ambiguity over whether YOUR location is warned - personalized service!
  • Increased lead time with immediate personal notification
  • Audio alerts that will get your attention or wake you up
  • Reduce perceived false alarms by defining exact areas under a warning, thereby re-establishing credibility in the warning process
  • Activate EnRoute for severe weather alerts while you are traveling, even if you don't know what county or town you are in

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