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MemphisWeather.Net Terms of Use and Site Disclaimer

The MWN Forecast is not endorsed or sponsored by any agency, including the National Weather Service. It is provided as a reliable source of weather information to the Memphis and Mid-South community that has been proven in both accuracy and availability. The forecast update schedule is generally each morning and late afternoon on weekdays and once on the weekends, though this schedule is not guaranteed. When the forecast will not be available for lengthy periods, a notice will be posted on MWN Forecast page.

All “current” weather information, including observations, radar, and satellite imagery, are to be used at your own risk and may not be the latest available data. Please “reload” or “refresh” your browser if information appears to be out-of-date. Never base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from the Internet.

Most of the information contained in these pages, with the exception of the weather forecast and WXLIVE! data, comes directly from external sources such as the National Weather Service, and is not under the control of MWN. All information contained herein is deemed accurate and reliable, but not guaranteed as such, and in no event will MWN be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or lost profit resulting from any use or misuse of this information. All data is provided “as is” and is intended for informational purposes only.

MemphisWeather.net does not necessarily promote or endorse the services or products advertised within the site and has no role in the production or review of the products or services. MWN makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding the advertised products and services.WXLIVE!Disclaimer: Data provided by WXLIVE! is obtained from a Davis Vantage Pro2 personal weather station, located in Bartlett, TN. It is maintained by MWN and is deemed reliable and accurate, though not guaranteed. Periods of missing data are possible due to several factors beyond the control of MWN, including but not limited to sensor outage, failure of wireless transmission of data, unscheduled server outage, or loss of the internet connection to the server. Although reliable, data provided by WXLIVE! is NOT official data and is not to be used as such. MemphisWeather.Net is in no way liable for use or misuse of this data.

Any questions or comments regarding the site, the information provided, or these Terms should be directed to the webmaster via the Contact page.